Full name

Isabelle Dumont


Selftaught, 30 years of experience. Main focus of art based on cultural backgrounds in combination with mythology.


I believe in dragons, love tea, sunshine in the morning and spend most of my days chasing the cookie crumbs that got away from me. My world is a strange little place filled with impossible creatures and beautifully sad, expressive and otherwise odd characters who both resemble humans and animal alike, and at the same time are completely alien. Once I was a little child who was always told that you can´t live a good life doing art, but I lived in fantasy and sci-fi books, in music and imagining things to be different. Looking for fairies and alike beneath the trees and running through forests, holding onto the hand of my father. Now I am a child no more, but the dream has become real.


Acrylic, Pastel, Pen, Watercolour, Polymer Clay, Pencil